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Studies in theology / philosophy - work as educator - foundation of Regenbogen Free and Alternative School Erfurt - 3 years of organisation + workshops for a West African cultural association - once again studies, in mathematics and computer science - teacher at a secondary school - theoretical biology. Bach's Art of Fugue. Mozart's Don Giovanni. 5 pieces for orchestra by A. Webern. Moscow Art Trio. Klaus Renft Combo. Lou Reed. Brigitte Reimann, Franziska Linkerhand. Michel Butor, La modification. Marguerite Duras, Le marin de Gibraltar. Jurek Becker. Arno Schmidt. Wolfram von Eschenbach. Quantum theory, cosmology, teleportation, quantum computing. Biology. History.

It's a perfect fit? Surely, and I want to present some of my interests here.

Since april 2005, I'm working in systems biology, first on more theoretical questions of network community measures, now in exchange with experimental biologists and medical scientists. The subject of my PhD thesis is the first attempt of applying methods and algorithms of a relatively new mathematical area - formal concept analysis - to the modeling of gene regulatory and signal transduction networks. Here not only specialized (mathematical or biological) skills are required, but associative thinking and - I hope so - a great part of my experiences of life and work. I would be happy about discussions concerning the subjects mentioned on my homepage!

********* ATTENTION: This site was not updated regularly from 2008! *********

Update January 2012: The final version of my PhD thesis has been published:

Attribute Exploration of Gene Regulatory Processes

For professional information 2011 - 2015 please see my homepage at the University of Rostock, Germany:

Dr. Johannes Wollbold - Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Rostock

"at" gmx.de

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