Johannes Wollbold - philosophy, algebra and systems biology

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CV: studies of theology, philosophy, pedagogics, mathematics and computer science. PhD student in systems biology.

Mathematical interests: algebra, lattice theory, formal concept analysis, temporal logics.

Systems Biology: discrete modelling of gene regulatory networks.

Job Search as research assistant: knowledge representation or ontology learning by formal concept analysis (FCA) methods.

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Lebenslauf: Studien in Theology, Philosophie,Erzieherausbildung, Mathematik und Informatik. Doktorand in Systembiologie.

Mathematische Interessen: Algebra, Verbandstheorie, Formale Begriffsanalyse, temporale Logik.

Systembiologie: Diskrete Modellierung genregulatorischer Netze.

Philosophie: Peirce und Wittgenstein.

Musik: Workshop Afrikanisches Trommeln in Erfurt.