Curriculum vitae

Personal data


Name: Johannes Wollbold
Email: jwollbold "at"
Year of birth: 1958
Place of birth: Saarbrücken, Germany


1977 German high school diploma (Abitur),
Staatliches Knabengymnasium, Saarbrücken
1977 – 1982 Studies of catholic theology, Theological Faculty, Trier / Germany and Institut Catholique de Paris / France
Degree: diploma
1983 – 1984 Studies of mathematics and philosophy, University of Bonn
Degree: intermediate examination in philosophy
1987 First examination as educator, Balthasar Neumann School, Trier
1987 – 1989 Practical training, Kindergarten St. Georg, Trier
Degree: Second examination as educator
1998 - 2003 Studies of mathematics and computer science, Fernuniversitaet Hagen and Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena / Germany
Degree: diploma (march 2003)

Professional experiences

1982 – 1983 Community service (Zivildienst), Herz Jesu Hospital, Trier
1984 – 1985 Social work, Behindertenzentrum, Stuttgart
1985 – 1986 Educator, youth centre Eduardstift, Helenenberg
1989 Educator, Kindergarten St. Martin, Trier
1990 – 1992 Educator, Ev. Lutherkindergarten, Erfurt
1992 – 1998 Foundation and building up of Free and Alternative School "Regenbogen", Erfurt
Responsibilities: educator, teacher, public relations, collective administration
1999 – 2001 JCC-Verein e.V., Erfurt (German organization supporting a cultural centre at Oshogbo / Nigeria)
Responsibilities: teacher, social and cultural work, organization of concert tours, web design
8/2003 - 7/2004 Teacher for mathematics and computer science (secondary level) at Integrierte Gesamtschule Erfurt
11/2004 - 3/2005 Practical training at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Jena (Perl- and C-programming, statistics), and at Leibniz Institute for Natural Products Research and Infection Biology Jena, Junior Research Group "Bioinformatics Pattern Recognition" (cluster analysis of DNA microarray data, subsampling techniques, MATLAB programming)
4/2005 - 9/2005 Research associate at Leibinz Institute for Age Research Jena, group Theoretical Systems Biology, within the project "Simulation of regulatory networks"
10/2005 - 7/2007 PhD position at Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Jena - subject "Attribute Exploration of Discrete Temporal Transitions - Constructing a Knowledge Base for Gene Regulation"
since 5/2008 Research associate at University of Technology, Institute of Algebra, Dresden, Germany
since 2010 ... / ...

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